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Disc Harrows

We are the manufacturer & Supplier of high quality Disc Harrow. Our Disc Harrow are synonymous to durabilities, high strength, better performance and cost effectiveness.

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ODH - 001

SONAFARM 'MOUNTED OFFSET DISC HARROW' when mounted on a tractor it becomes a compact unit that can easily be maneuvered into corners or on short headlands. In addition the implement being easily attached and transportable in top speeds, little time is lost between the shed and the field. The spring loaded head

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ODH - 002

SONAFARM 'TRAILED OFFSET DISC HARROW' trails behind the tractor and because of heavy design and weight can effectively break up heavy clods. And when green manure, trash or other surface growth is cross-disced, the organic matter is effectively buried and mixed with the soil and decays

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