S.p. Industries

Non Tipping Tractor Trailer

TT - 002


  • Single or Double Axle- as per Requirement
  • MODELS- Capacity-3 / 5 / 7 /10 /15 / 20 tons Non-tipping trailer
  • Rugged construction for general use in transporting agricultural inputs and harvests from farms.
  • Drop side loading / unloading.
  • Heavy duty drawbar with an eye hitch together.
  • Side doors hinged removable type while the rear doors are hinged top or bottom.
  • Rear axle be of box/square section and rigidly bolted on the chassis
  • Hand Operated brake system.(Optional)
  • Tyres - tube – for 3 Tons- 7.50x16(Single); for 5 Tons- 7.50x16(Double); for 7 Tons- 9.00x16(Double); for 10 Tons- 9.00x20(Double); for 15 Tons- 1000x20(Double)
  • Or As Per Customer Requirement of Tyres. (Any Standard Made)
  • Standard tools for serving a trailer will be provided. (Optional)
  • Lights: sidelights, brake lights, Direction indicators, Provision for fixing number plates with lighting. (Optional)
  • Left and Right-hand Reflectors fixed at the rear door of the trailer (Optional).

Additional Information

Product Code Non Tipping Tractor