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Rigid Cultivators

Our Rigid Cultivators are synonymous to durabilities, high strength, better performance and cost effectiveness.

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RTC - 001


SONAFARM 'LIGHT DUTY' Rigid Tyne Tiller is suitable for light and stubble free soils. Main Frame of all welded construction is made of two rolled steel channels with four channel braces and this gives strength and rigidity sufficient for keeping the tynes accurately spaced for precision work &

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RTC - 002

SONAFARM 'MEDIUM DUTY' Rigid Tyne Tiller is designed to withstand tough work and operates as a Light Chisel Plough. The Tiller has heavy-duty shanks for positive penetration. It breaks up hard top soil, uproots stubbles and leaves the ground perfectly worked. It is particularly useful for paddy

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RTC - 003

SONAFARM 'HEAVY DUTY' Rigid Tyne Tiller is designed to withstand toughest work conditions of hard black soils. The profile cut tynes get their strength because of a peculiar design in which the stress prone points are shaped to resist any distorting strains. Main frame is made out of heavy angles duly

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RTC - 004

SONAFARM 'EXTRA HEAVY DUTY' Rigid Tyne Tiller is multipurpose Heavy Duty Tiller. Main frame is made up of 50mm Solid Square duly reinforced by several central supports. Tynes can be moved latterly and vertically. Rear tynes have wider shovel points to give better tillage. By minor adjustment the tiller

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