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Tipping Tractor Trailer

Tipping Tractor Trailer Exporter

TT - 001

  • Single or Double Axle- as per Requirement
  • Models- Capacity-3 / 5 / 7 /10 /15 / 20 Tons Tipping Trailer
  • Rugged Construction for General Use in Transporting Agricultural Inputs and Harvests from Farms.
  • Drop Side Loading / Unloading and Tipping Type
  • Provided with Hydraulic System of Towing Tractor to Be Operated Through
  • Oil Pressure of Gear Box heavy Duty Drawbar with An Eye Hitch Together
  • Side Doors Hinged Removable Type While the Rear Doors are Hinged Top or Bottom for Easy Tipping.
  • Rear Axle Be of Box/square Section and Rigidly Bolted On the Chassis.
  • Hand Operated Brake System.(optional)
  • Tires - Tube – for 3 Tons- 7.50x16(single); for 5 Tons- 7.50x16(double); for 7 Tons- 9.00x16(double); for 10 Tons- 9.00x20(double); for 15 Tons- 1000x20(double)
  • Or as per Customer Requirement of Tyres. (any Standard Made).
  • Standard Tools for Serving a Trailer Will Be Provided Including Hydraulics of Tipping Trailer, Jack and Wheel Spanners. (optional)
  • Lights: Sidelights, Brake Lights, Direction Indicators, Provision for Fixing Number Plates with Lighting. (optional)
  • Left and Right-hand Reflectors Fixed At the Rear Door of the Trailer(optional).

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